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Not Just Watching, But Contributing

Dive deeper into the streams you love and be an active part of the community.

Watched Reactions for a Complete Overview

What’s better than reminiscing? Keep track of all the videos you have watched, including when and on which channel.

Your Suggestion Matters

See the suggestions you have made and how they are received. Your opinion shapes the content and makes a difference.

Be Active And Enlighten!

Share your knowledge and insights on videos. Your contributions help build an informed and responsible community. Through Community Notes, you can provide YouTube viewers with important information about the video to combat lies, disinformation, discrimination, or similar issues.

Streamfinity Buddy

Receive personalised recommendations and direct links to your favorite streamers or YouTube reactions. The Buddy makes it easier than ever to stay in the loop. You have a video open and can directly access the reactions.

Don't forget: Viewers can access Streamer and Creator features as needed. Live your dream, you can be anything!