For Streamers

Your Stream, Just Better

Discover the Streamfinity tools that not only make your stream fairer but also connect you with your community.

Easily Find and Co-Stream Events

With our Event tool, you can find current events and be perfectly informed about their contents and co-streaming policies. Also you can be provided with individual RTMP feeds and more.

Your Community, Your Content

Streamfinity gives you a personal suggestion page through which your viewers are involved in the content process. They suggest and vote on what runs, and you deliver - Win-Win!

Stay Ahead and Keep an Eye on Trends

By knowing which videos are watched in streams, you also get precise insights into what people are watching in other streams. This way, you always have suitable video suggestions for your streams.

Keep Everything in Check with Detailed Insights

Take a look at your streams’ performance and understand what resonates with your community. Use these analytics to tailor your content even better to your viewers.

Widgets for That Extra Touch

Show your community that you value original content. With widgets, you can easily share info about the currently playing video - including a QR code for quick access.

Streamfinity Buddy

The extension is what makes Streamfinity work. Directly on YouTube, the Buddy provides you with policies to follow and alerts you through Community Notes if there are critical contents in the video.

Don't forget: Streamers can access Creator and Viewer features as needed. Live your dream, you can be anything!