We have put Community Notes on hold

3. Juli 2024
For July, we at Streamfinity had planned to enable community notes in our browser extension. This feature was intended to allow the community to provide important additional information for videos so that viewers and reaction streamers could refer to it, ensuring no misinformation or similar issues go unaddressed.

We have now learned that YouTube is finally implementing and testing such a feature after all these years. YouTube users will soon be able to create and rate community notes directly on YouTube.

We at Streamfinity welcome this step, as we believe that valuable additional information for videos, which does not fall under the moderation scope of video creators, is urgently needed.

For us, this means that we will not be implementing the feature we designed and planned for the time being, as we are convinced that such important functions should be centralized in one place as much as possible. Therefore, we welcome YouTube's move and are eager to see its implementation.

Should the project on YouTube not succeed, we are ready to implement the feature directly in our extension.

Even without community notes, the Streamfinity Buddy is an extremely valuable companion on YouTube. Find out if your favorite streamer has already reacted to a specific video and catch up on the reaction, easily find the original video, or check how the content can be reused.

The Streamfinity Buddy is an important tool for everyone - get it now!

You can also read YouTube's announcement here: YouTube Blog